Who hides behind La Belle Mèche scented products?




Founded in 2013 by Laura & Pierre DELLINGER, La Belle Mèche designed modern home fragrances, eco-produced in France.
Our company is based on 3 values: ideas + minimalist + meaning.



Everyday, our team is always seeking ways to do otherwise and bring new ideas to our community: imagine creative combination of fragrances, unearth talented illustrators, reinvent our way of speaking to our followers. We find inspiration everywhere: an exhibition, books, memories, landscapes, humans and have our eyes wide open.


We only believe in simple things. Back to basics with figurative fragrances and refined modern but yet colored design. For daily use.

Our promise: what you see on the label is what you smell once the candle is burnt. No fuss, no complex marketing concept, no twisted name. Simply this unique scent.



Born in the 80’s, the founders are aware of the challenges facing mother earth. Thus, we chose a renewable, ecological vegetable wax and recyclable glasses and packaging. Our fragrances are made of premium essential oils and fine fragrances without toxic components. We chose to produce locally in France from the wax to packaging.

While working with La Belle Mèche, you will help indirectly half of thousand people to live - our team, partners and ourselves- so THANK YOU!





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