La Belle Mèche promotion, discount

At La Belle Mèche, we offer fair prices all year round. 

When the brand was launched, we had 2 strategic choices:

-       Candles at 40 euros, with regular discounts. 

-       Candles at 30 euros: the fairest price.


Our choice fell on the option 2,That is to say, you offer the right price all year round: 30 euros.


As a reminder, La Belle Mèche offer very high-quality candles. The perfumes of our scented candles come directly from Grasse. The wax of scented candles and Apothecary, essential oils candles is 100% vegetable. It is a soy-based wax, which is guaranteed GMO-free. Ecological, this wax doesn’t create black smoke by burning. Unrefined and derived from vegetable matter, our wax contains no pesticides or herbicides. In addition, soy wax have a low melting point allowing a prolonged combustion. 

The wicks of our candles are cotton guaranteed lead-free. 


We have also chosen to develop alcohol-free diffusers, which are less harmful to health. 


La Belle Mèche products are entirely Made in France. Several reasons explain our Made in France approach. In addition to the incredible French know-how, we were looking for human link with our various partners and interlocutors, in order to establish a real relationship based on common values. We also wanted a proximity link to better control the quality of each product. This proximity allows shortened production and better delivery times. Of course, we also wanted to support the French economy. Our country has very competent industries. This is the case of the perfume industry in Grasse, which, thanks to its exceptional know-how, has transformed this small town in the South of France into the world’s perfume capital. 


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